Jollie Bluebear x Ana Blatnik

Meet Ana, our proud brand ambassador


How has Jollie Bluebear influenced your perspective on beauty and empathy through photographing gentle and warm illustrations?

One of the most precious gifts that I received from this wonderful collaboration is self-empathy. When I looked at the illustrations, I could see myself in many of them. Some reminded me of moments from my childhood, some of my journey to finding a diagnosis, and some of the path I am currently on toward recovery.


How do you feel about photographing illustrations for Jollie Bluebear and what is the process like?

For me, the most fun part of the collaboration is coming up with the concept for the photo shoot and the product photography itself. Sometimes ideas come immediately as soon as I see the product, and sometimes I need to take a little more time and play with my imagination. It is through this planning and product photography that I can best express my creativity, which especially pleases and inspires me!


Ana Blatnik - Jollie Bluebear’s ambassador 


What message or feeling do your illustrative photos convey and how does that relate to the mission of Jollie Bluebear?

As a child, people would often describe me as "gentle" and "sensitive." Unfortunately, these traits were often seen in a negative light, especially when growing up. We are often taught that we need to be tough to handle life's challenges. For a long time, I tried to convince myself that being tough was the way to go, but I eventually realized that it just wasn't me. I am gentle and sensitive, and many things in the world make me sad and cry. I often wonder how unbearable life would be if people lacked a heart. Without tenderness, sensitivity, and empathy, the world would be a harsh and cruel place. That's why I find it heartening when I come across people who don't view these traits as weaknesses. Iva, through her brand's work, embodies these qualities and reminds us of their importance.


How do you feel when your photos impact others and spread positivity? Do you have a special experience to share?

As a creative person, receiving praise for my work means a lot to me. It's even more special when others acknowledge the effort, creativity, and sincerity that I put into it. Unfortunately, comments on social media have become less personal and are often just emojis. That's why when someone takes the time to write a comment explaining why they liked something I created, it means the world to me.


Girl With  A Crocodile Greeting Card x Ana Blatnik


What are your favorite home decor ideas for incorporating Jolly Bluebear illustrations into your private space?

One of my favorite things in my home is the pictures on the wall in the living room that represent certain periods of my parents' lives what they love and what is important to them. I've always wanted to decorate the wall with something that would represent me, and that's where two wonderful Jollie Bluebear illustrations come into play, "Ballerina Giselle" which reminds me of little Ančica, playful and wiggly, and the illustration "Girl With A Kite" which represents an adult Ana who after the diagnosis of Lyme borreliosis, she finds that inner strength that she was not even aware of for so long. Those two illustrations, so special to the heart, have found their place in the so-called 'colorful corner', right above the armchair with colorful pillows. Every time I look at them, my heart dances with excitement!


What draws you to the Jollie Bluebear brand, aside from the artwork? How does it feel to promote products that have such a positive impact?

First and foremost, I love that there is a beautiful backstory behind the brand. Iva, the owner, draws inspiration from moments in her life to create all those wonderful illustrations. I'm glad I had the opportunity to meet her, even if it was just virtually, and see firsthand how much her brand is a reflection of her life. It's also important to me that the products are of high quality, and that great attention is paid to the details, from the creation of the products themselves to the packaging. When my Jollie Bluebear package arrived at my doorstep, I once again felt happiness and gratitude to be a small part of that beautiful and inspiring story!


Ana Blatnik - a proud Jollie Bluebear ambassador


How do your personal philosophy or life attitudes correspond with the values that Jollie Bluebear promotes?

I appreciate individuals who possess a certain level of depth and authenticity, and I also enjoy following Instagram profiles that reflect these qualities. It's heartening when others recognize these qualities in me and my work. Jollie Blubear is a brand that exemplifies depth and authenticity, and its owner embodies these qualities as well. It feels like we were meant to connect.

How do you maintain authenticity as a brand ambassador while dealing with the challenges and pressures of the job?

I was deeply honored when Iva offered me the position of brand ambassador. While I recognize the significant responsibility that comes with it, I don't find it problematic. I have a clear understanding of what is expected of me, and Iva and I communicate very well, making it easy to agree on everything. Most importantly, this role allows me to remain true to myself and be authentic in my work.


Personalized Couple Art Print by Jollie Bluebear


How does your collaboration with Jollie Bluebear affect your creative process and photography in general? Do you have any tips or techniques to share?

Since I have not had the opportunity to work with a brand that offers illustrations, designing content that is interesting to the audience and the process of photographing illustrations was something new for me, but I am glad that I accepted the challenge that encouraged me to think creatively "outside the box" " because inspiration is all around us! Well, let it be a thought that I would like to share with you!


Finally, what inspires you the most in life and how do you reflect that through your work with Jollie Bluebear illustrations?

I am most inspired by people who live authentically, especially nowadays when there are trends that come and go quickly, and most of them look like copy-pastes of each other. I am most inspired by all those who, despite the various difficulties that befell them, do not give up and little by little realize their long-standing dreams. For a long time, I had the desire to show my creativity and love for writing, which happened due to the opening of an Instagram profile, through which I achieved numerous collaborations, including this one with Jollie Blubear. I'm glad that the owner of the brand appreciates my photos of her products as much as the text below the posts, which are also an important part of the post, at least for me.


Ana is on Instagram as @blatnik.ana. Go give her a follow.

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