Sending You A Warm Hug #1

Sending You A Warm Hug #1

#1 Sending you a warm hug: The first excerpt of Jollie Bluebear's new delightful  series with words and pictures to inspire you about the good things you can do.

This time about the warm hug, because - this world definitely needs more random acts of kindness and sweet, positive stories that make us laugh and warm our hearts, don't you agree?

 Sending you a warm hug | The Kind Thing #1


So, it's time to meet Mila.
Let us tell you more about her. Mila is the star of a new illustrated series enriched with kind and sweet messages.

Sometimes she has crazy wishes.
She wants to cross the sea by bicycle. 
She would like to make a bus laugh with a bar of chocolate or blow up a hot air balloon so much that a whole flock of sheep can fit inside it. 
Those are really silly wishes!

But, there is one wish Mila can fulfill at any time.
She can put a smile on people's faces whenever she wants to. 


She is such a loving and caring little girl.
She is a great friend.
She prefers to support those in need. 
She is considerate to the world around her.
Her kind nature leads her to believe that it is important to think of others and not only yourself.
However, Mila can stand up for herself and what she believes is right.


Your random act of kindness can also become a star of our series The Kind Thing. Feel free to share it with us.
We'll pick the best ones, put them between words and pictures and share them with the world on our blog, The Kind Thing.
How can you participate?
Send us your stories of kindness to our e-mail address or message via Instagram or Facebook.
We are looking forward to reading your random acts of kindness!


P.S. To act with kindness is never a random act; neither is it unintentional. Kindness always flows from self awareness and emphaty of others.

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