Jollie Bluebear

Jollie Bluebear is a Slovenian brand based on simple style and high-quality design. The person who stands behind it it's Iva - a gentle soul with a heart of a child. And that's the exact significance of her illustrations.  

As a little girl, Iva was fascinated by everything related to art – music, dance, books, drawings, and endless imagination. If she could describe her style in one sentence it would be - the tenderness of an inner child wrapped in maternal energy and the magic of music.

How Jollie Bluebear came to be?

Everything that is created under the Jollie Bluebear's roof is created with the greatest love for kids and kids at heart.

A music teacher by profession and a creative person at heart, Iva started drawing her first illustrations a few months before the arrival of a new family member. Since then her illustrations have brought beauty, peace, and tenderness to its new homes.

What makes Jollie Bluebear's illustrations different?

When you look at an illustration, you can imagine the emotional expression on the faces of the characters, as they are mouthless. Thus, in a very simple way they are transforming our customer's experience. That means that you are involved in the co-creation of every illustration.

Pretty cool, huh?

In addition, each illustration has been created with a creative mind and a great desire to awaken the inner child in each of you. They make you feel peaceful but at the same time playful. They are pure, gentle, and charming, just like an innocent child's heart.

What is the story behind the name? 

Since Iva was pregnant at that time, she wanted to create a warm, lovely corner for the baby's room. However, she couldn't find a proper decoration for the walls, so she decided to make something cute by herself. She wanted it to be related to babies, so the first illustration she made was a bear. He was a teal green bear wearing a yellow sweater, with such a friendly face. So, the name was easy and logical to come up with: Jollie - meaning happy, and Bluebear meaning, well, blue bear. :)


Iva Herman
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