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Our greeting cards and posters are designed to spread joy and
, with a focus on quality and childlike simplicity. We also strongly believe in the power of music education to inspire and enrich lives.

Let's join hands to share the wonder of creativity and spread hope and
happiness to everyone around us.

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Prints that will steal your heart

Miss February Art Print featuring a girl holding a red-hearted balloon by Jollie Bluebear

Decor Enhancement

Spruce up your living space with our pastel prints that add a touch of softness and character to any room.

Picture featuring an art print named Girl with an umbrella hangging on a wall

Childlike Wonder

Rediscover the joy of innocence and wonder with prints that capture the magic of childhood, reminding you to embrace life's simple pleasures.

Portrait of a photographer by Jollie Bluebear

Personalized Touch

Make your home uniquely yours by showcasing art that speaks to your heart and reflects your personality.


Cultivate a Love for Music

Showcase the beauty and elegance of classical music with posters of children playing instruments like the violin, piano, flute, and cello. These posters serve as a reminder of the limitless potential and creativity of youth, inspiring children to pursue their musical dreams.

Jollie_Bluebear_Greeting_Card I love you bunches

Gift of Happiness

Spred love and happines by giftnig a heartwarming art print or a greeting card to yourself or a loved one, a thoughtful gesture that will be cherished for years to come.


A unique picture book experience you've never heard before

Take a peek into the magical world of music

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Why choose the music book Skrivnost violinskega ključa?

Clear and simple design

The book is enriched with warm and clean illustrations that attract younger children, while the instructive and interesting story invites school children to the book in physical form and reading from paper, which is essential, as this is the basis for successful learning.

QR codes with sound clips

The entire reading experience is complemented by compositions in which various instruments are presented. In this way, children are provided with knowledge and developmental competences, because by listening they will come into contact with the sounds of classical instruments, build their musical taste and be able to recognize the differences between instruments.

Independent reading and/or deepening contact while reading with adults

By reading a music book, children will strengthen communication skills, reading and logical connection.
On the other hand, reading with a child has positive qualities, as it is a good starting point for conversation and the development of values, as well as deepening contact with an adult who reads to him.

Improvisation and musical creation

By improvising and creating a rhythmic accompaniment with simple or complex rhythmic patterns, children will strengthen motor skills, memory, concentration, patience, mathematical abilities, composure and self-confidence.


The characters in the book are without mouths (the recognizable style of Jollie Bluebear), which especially encourages the imagination and skill of preschool children to assign the characters appropriate emotions according to the story. Creating music in combination with reading books is one of the fundamental factors in the development of children's character. The world of imagination related to music only complements and builds on this.

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