Collection: Jollie Misses

These lovely ladies were designed to represent the four seasons and their months, in all their charm. 

Miss Spring & spring months misses
Her hair smells of blooming flowers.
Her cheeks glow from the first rays of the sunshine.
She is accompanied by butterflies, songbirds, buzzing bees, and a gentle breeze.
She represents a new life.
With grace in her heart she makes gentle blossoming souls happy.

Miss Summer & summer months misses
She smelled of sun and daisies
with a hint of river water.

Miss Autumn & autumn months misses
Her favorite colour is ginger red and ivory brown,
She whispers falling leaves goodbye,
She welcomes rainy and foggy days
while eating delicious apple pie.

Miss Winter & winter months misses
She is graceful and slightly icey.
And of course, absolutely stunning - because, you have to admit that when it snows, everything is so magical.